Aside from providing session work in some of the best studios in and out of the Los Angeles area, Jon provides remote recording for clients all around the world from his home studio. 24 hour turn around is usually not an issue. Jon is also an experienced producer and is fortunate to have access to some of the best instrumentalists and engineers Los Angeles has to offer. If you wish to book recording or production services please do so through the contact page.

The Gear...


Gibson Les Paul Standard
Gibson Les Paul Gold Top
Gibson Les Paul Special
Fender Starcaster (1975)
Fender Standard Telecaster
Jerry Jones Baritone
Moollon S Classic
Silvertone Jupiter (1968)
Martin O-15 (1956)
Martin HD28
National M1 Tricone Resonator
Alvarez Nylon (1970)
Fender Precision Bass (1968)
Grego SG Bass (1970)
Deering Banjo
Morgan Monroe Mandolin
Various other stringed instruments


Austen Hooks Filmosound Projector Amp
Austen Hooks "Space Heater" Projector Amp
Gibson Explorer (1966)
Fender Reissue Deluxe Reverb


JHS Sweet Tea Overdrive
Analogman King of Tone v4
Suhr Riot
Maxon Analog Delay
Chase Bliss Tonal Recall Delay
Xotic Ep Booster
Strymon Big Sky
Strymon Timeline
Strymon Mobius
Strymon Flint
Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah

Recording/Outboard Gear

Austen Hooks Tube Reverb
Austen Hooks Tube Tremolo
Reddi DI
2 API 527 Preamps
2 Custom ET (Neve Style) Preamps
Manley Reference Tube Mic
Miktek CV4 Tube Mic
Vintage Shure SM57
Shure SM7
BeyerDynamic m160
Universal Audio Apollo Quad
Logic X
Presonus Studio 1
Various Plugins Including: UA, Soundtoys, U-he, Slate Digital, Fabfilter, Native Instruments...